Hi!  I’m Chari Pere, a freelance cartoonist currently living in Los Angeles. I have a six month old bubbly baby boy and am married to a bubbly thirty-year-old baby boy. (Hope he doesn’t read this!) My husband and I are still relative newlyweds (two years!) and are still trying to figure out, “What the heck is goin’ on??!!”

Ah, the plight of the newlyweds. Sort of grownup, sort of… not.  Who prepared us for this? Not our parents, who spoiled us and left us unable to handle the rigors of ‘adulthood.’

So I figured, if we’re having problems adjusting to adulthood, I’m sure others are too.  Most of us (even our parents!) were thrust into adulthood without the means to truly grow up. We don’t know how to BE adults; how to cook, how to clean, how to save, how to get in shape.  In fact, there’s very little that we actually do know as we get older.  And that’s where this web site and blog come in.

This blog is written from the perspective of my semi-fictitious alter ego, Sherri Burns.  Some of her life mirrors mine, but some of it doesn’t.  What’s important is that Sherri has come to the same realization as I have.  I have gotten older but have yet to grow up.  In fact, we both may never actually grow up, but we at least have to learn how to “Play Grown-Up”.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

1)   Each month will be devoted to a specific category of tips (such as Saving, Procrastination, Relationships, etc.) that will help us each adjust to that segment of life.  Naturally, being that Sherri and I are cartoonists, many of the tips will be accompanied by (I hope) an amusing cartoon.

2)   Each week we will focus on a weekly challenge, or as I sometimes call them, “Weakly Challenges”.

No, that is not a misspelling.  Every week I will be posting a challenge to myself that is both attainable and annoying as heck to do, and that I’ve thus far been too “weak-minded” to accomplish. If we all tackle these challenges together, I believe that we will find the strength to overcome our weak-mindedness.

3)    Each week we will have two recipe days.  I hope that you will find these recipes delicious, and most importantly easy to do.  These are not only for newlyweds or “younger people”, but for anybody who is perhaps “culinarily challenged” (like myself!).

The recipes will be the concoctions of our fictitious cartoon comic chef extraordinaire and Sheri’s neighbor and cooking mentor, Chef Chumley.  Click here for the introduction to our “Cooked Comics”.

Each recipe day will feature an easy to follow recipe and a “Cooked Comic”.  These comics are purely for your amusement and pleasure, and each comic is usually independent of the recipe.

4)   We will have at least one monthly interview spotlighting a person of interest (at least to us), who will convey their answers to our hopefully well thought out questions on the topic of the month.

5)   And, last but not least, we welcome your comments on every aspect of what we do.  Please get back to us as often as possible.  If you have a criticism, let us know.  A suggestion?  Suggest away!  You have a recipe that you want to share?  Let’s all try it.

The main thing is, let us know what we’re doing right and just as importantly, let us know what we’re doing wrong!

Now let’s get to work, enjoy and be entertained together!


Playing Grown-Ups is put together by the following people:

The Team

Creator and Editor: Scott Pere
Artist, Co-Creator, Creative Consultant: Chari Pere
Humor Consultant: Joe Brandler
Culinary Consultant: Gershon Katz
Additional Contributions: Stephanie Pere


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