TIPS: Letting Go of Poisonous Pals

This month of tips will be devoted to Friendship. *** When it comes to friendships, everything I’d been taught growing up is to be a loyal, good friend. Talk out your problems, come to a resolution, and move on. Friends Forever, right? However, sometime a friendship no longer works. A friend has become increasingly negative…or [...] Go to Post

Friendship Weekly Challenge #3: Let Go of An “Anchor”

The best part about friends are that, unlike relatives, difficult bosses, annoying co-workers, or bad neighbors, they are the people you CHOOSE to have in your life. Your friends are people who are supposed to have your back, tell you when you’re doing something counter-productive, and bring out the best in you. They are meant [...] Go to Post

TIPS: There’s No “U” in Friendship

This month of tips will be devoted to Friendship. *** When you’re on the go, juggling career, life, and friendships, it’s easy to forget how to be a good friend. Sometimes, when catching up with friends on the phone, I realize I’d been on the phone for 10 minutes talking about what’s been going on [...] Go to Post

Friendship Weekly Challenge #2: Send Snail Mail

Just because technology has changed and people don’t send out letters anymore (except for bills, invitations and thank you/holiday/birthday cards) doesn’t mean receiving the act of receiving a letter in the mail has lost a spark! When’s the last time you received a letter correspondence from a friend? This week, do something special. Write a [...] Go to Post

TIPS: How to Maintain Friendships in 2013

This month of tips will be devoted to Friendship. *** Here are some tips on maintaining friendships in 2013: With so much going on these days, how does one keep up with old friends? (Especially if said friends are not on Facebook or other social media!). Here are a couple helpful tips on keeping friendships [...] Go to Post

Sillidays: National Skyscraper Day

 One of my most favorite things ever is celebrating “unofficial” holidays. I’m sure by now you all are well acquainted with Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th, for those who arrrrren’t sure! =0P). Well, there are websites full of these “real fake” holidays, which range from National Waffle Day (August 24th) to Elephant Appreciation [...] Go to Post

Friendship Weekly Challenge #1: Catch Up With Calls/Messages

With so much going on in today’s world, and so many distractions, it’s so easy to tell a friend “I’ll call you right back”, and then completely forget about it. How many friendships have you strained because you have yet to call someone back? Well, the people procrastination ends now! Write a list of all [...] Go to Post

September is Friendship Month!

When you’re young, it’s hard to imagine that anything can break the bond of friendship. Sure, life has its dramas, but once you become an “adult”, for the most part your life is set. You’ll have your career, you’ll have your family, and as sure as death and taxes, your best friends will always be [...] Go to Post