Weekend Round-Up: Exercise, Week #1

How was your week?  These summer weeks sure seem to fly by! This week was one of my favorite challenges, Stair Down (& Up). I love this challenge, and usually try to integrate this into my life as often as possible.  In addition to being a great way to get extra exercise, sometimes taking the [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-Up, Procrastination Ends & Exercise Begins

This week we conclude with the month of Procrastination. While I feel like overall I’ve made a bit of progress in Procrastination Prevention, this last week was a lot less successful. I was out visiting family on the East Coast. It was difficult (read: pretty much impossible) to fulfill this week’s Weekly Challenge to Plan [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-Up, Procrastination Week #4

I feel like, after 4 full weeks of thinking about, acting, and doing things to help combat Procrastination, I finally had a breakthrough. I notice that I am a bit more efficient with my time. I have been less focused on social media, and am starting to take control of my bad procrastination habits.  It’s [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-Up: Procrastination, Week #3

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with just a few small changes. This week was all about Eliminating Distractions. Not only was it the Weekly Challenge, but it was also the theme of one of the Tip Days as well. Since I spend a lot of time working on my computer, I never realized [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-UP: Procrastination, Week #2

How was your week?  Procrastination is a tough topic for me to tackle.  I find that while I have been accomplishing more of my goals, I still procrastinate a bit in getting started.  For example, this week’s Weekly Challenge was to Break Down a Goal into smaller, more manageable bits.  I’ve been focusing on abdominal [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-UP: Procrastination, Week #1

We’ve now embarked on our second month. Boy, time flies! And that’s exactly why this month’s tips are so important. This month we are battling the evil of Procrastination. Yes, time flies, and time is the arch enemy of procrastinators like myself. We have goals to achieve, but too often we push off our attempts [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-Up for 6/24-6/30

I can’t believe it, four weeks in the bag!  I was a bit overly ambitious with last week’s Weekly Challenge.  I had been planning to go through all the clutter in the rooms in my apartment to decide what to keep and what to either throw out or donate.  All I made it through was [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-Up for 6/17-6/23

Three weeks down, how many more to go? Who knows? As long as we can keep bringing you easy, delicious recipes, useful, simple tips, and the comics that go with them, maybe we can go on forever. Or at least a long time. Have you tried any of the six recipes that we’ve posted so [...] Go to Post

Weekend Round-Up for 6/10-6/16

Wow!  The first two weeks of our blog/website have just flown by!  Four recipes, many simple tips on savings, a bunch of comics.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed it all, so far. How did you do with our second Weekly Challenge, to “Un-Brand It” and buy only generic?  I must admit, I did a good [...] Go to Post

The Weekend Round-up

I can’t believe it!  We’ve finished Week 1 of our website/blog.  We’ve shared some tips.  We’ve shared some recipes. We’ve shared some comics. All of them may seem so simple to you, but not to the simple-minded like me.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t say simple-minded.  Maybe I should say young.  Or naïve.  Or lazy.  If you [...] Go to Post