Friendship Weekly Challenge #3: Let Go of An “Anchor”

The best part about friends are that, unlike relatives, difficult bosses, annoying co-workers, or bad neighbors, they are the people you CHOOSE to have in your life. Your friends are people who are supposed to have your back, tell you when you’re doing something counter-productive, and bring out the best in you. They are meant [...] Go to Post

Friendship Weekly Challenge #2: Send Snail Mail

Just because technology has changed and people don’t send out letters anymore (except for bills, invitations and thank you/holiday/birthday cards) doesn’t mean receiving the act of receiving a letter in the mail has lost a spark! When’s the last time you received a letter correspondence from a friend? This week, do something special. Write a [...] Go to Post

Friendship Weekly Challenge #1: Catch Up With Calls/Messages

With so much going on in today’s world, and so many distractions, it’s so easy to tell a friend “I’ll call you right back”, and then completely forget about it. How many friendships have you strained because you have yet to call someone back? Well, the people procrastination ends now! Write a list of all [...] Go to Post

Exercise Weekly Challenge #4: WALK, Don’t Drive!

I was born into a family that enjoys walking. I mean, REALLY enjoys walking. In fact, although we live far enough from grocery stores to justify taking a car, they mostly walk anyway to do a lot of errands. In contrast, most people in L.A. completely forget that walking is an option, even if the [...] Go to Post

Exercise Weekly Challenge #3: Right on Schedule!

Life it tends to get busy. Lets face it, how many times do you come back from a hard day and say “I guess I should go to the gym but… maybe I’ll just wait till tomorrow.” Instead of making the gym the extra thing to do if time permits it, look at your weekly [...] Go to Post

Exercise Weekly Challenge #2: Keep on Stretchin’!

Flexibility is a key player in exercise performance. When you are flexible you can increase the intensity and speed with way more ease, which gives you a better workout. Plus, it reduces the risk of injury. I often fall short of stretching after a hard workout. Many times happy to have just completed my exercise [...] Go to Post

Exercise Weekly Challenge #1: Stair Down (And Up)!

One of the easiest ways to get in some exercise is by simply using the stairs. This act is many times ignored out of sheer laziness. The convenience of just pushing a button or standing on an escalator exceeds the desire to get into shape. That is why this week I am making a vow [...] Go to Post

Procrastination Weekly Challenge #5: Plan Your Day In Advance

DISCLAIMER: I eventually do get done what needs to get done… most of the time.. However, I generally remember these tasks as I go through my daily routines. I try to store my “to-do list” in the back of my mind, pray that I will remember it, and will try to do it at a [...] Go to Post

Procrastination Weekly Challenge #4: Change It Up

If what you are trying to accomplish is not getting done: stop drop and roll. Well don’t actually drop and roll, it might leave you with an awful splitting headache, but just change it up.  There are times when your way of doing something just doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean it was a bad approach, [...] Go to Post

Procrastination Weekly Challenge #3: Eliminate Distractions

I always wish I were the person who can be tidy and neat. But alas, I was blessed with a laid back personality who does not get too bothered by clothes that are sprawled on the floor. So today, as on most days, my goal is getting my room clean. This venture is not an [...] Go to Post