Exercise Weekly Challenge #4: WALK, Don’t Drive!


I was born into a family that enjoys walking. I mean, REALLY enjoys walking. In fact, although we live far enough from grocery stores to justify taking a car, they mostly walk anyway to do a lot of errands.

In contrast, most people in L.A. completely forget that walking is an option, even if the errand is a mere few blocks away. The automatic knee-jerk reaction is to hop into a car to take care of whatever needs to be accomplished.

Imagine what kind of shape we would be in if we consciously try walking or biking, at least to the closer destinations. A little bit goes a long way. This week when I am doing errands or visiting friends or whatever the outing may be, if the destination is within a mile or less, instead of putting the keys into the ignition, I will be moving one foot in front of the other to get there. This week it’s the mile or less rule, if I am going to a place a mile or less away, walking it will be.



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