Weekly Challenge #3: List it and STICK TO IT!


A new weekly challenge will be revealed on Mondays. This month’s challenges will be devoted to Savings.


Why is it whenever you go into the store you never end up getting just the items that you needed?  You know exactly what I’m talking about! Those times when you go in to buy bread and milk and you somehow manage to leave with a cart filled to the brim with those Oreo Cookies that are on sale, and the “buy one get one free” cereal boxes, and your favorite chocolate minis, amongst other stuff. It’s like you’re going into battle but you get ambushed by everything around you. To avoid splurging on unnecessary items, before you walk out that door, write down exactly what you need. Think of what you might be cooking this week, what you are missing, and create that shopping list. Do your research before doing the list.  Check circulars and coupons.  Consult with family members.That way, when you go out to battle, you’ll have your defense safely in hand.

By creating a clear, complete, all inclusive list, you will hopefully limit your trips to the supermarket to just one trip per week. You will eliminate impulse buying and save money.

This week,  WE ARE LISTING IT!


Want your own fun, free To Do List? Come back later! Playing Grown-Ups will be posting a few designs for you, the readers, to vote on. By the end of the week, the most popular design will be fully colored and posted online for you to download next week. We can all find ways to make our chores less of a bore, one chore at a time!


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