Meet the Cast!


I’m Sherri Burns.  I’m a New York native who currently lives in sunshiny LA.  I’m also a newlywed. Well, sort of. I’ve been married for two years but I still think of myself as newlywed.  You see, it might be two years later, but I’m definitely not two years smarter! I work as a freelance cartoonist.  Drawing, I can do that pretty decently; what I can’t do is cook, clean, sew, budget, plan, or do almost anything that’s, well, “grown up”. Yeah, I know, you think that once you’re married it all comes together like *that*.  (Fun fact: that’s totally NOT true.) That’s why I started this blog – to work on improving aspects of my life in a fun way!


I’m married to a really wonderful guy, Jesse Burns. Jesse’s an accountant by day, and an extremely talented, but struggling actor by night.  As you can see, he’s a good-looking guy.  And although he can make a pretty mean omelet, he, like me, still has a lot of growing up to do. We recently moved into a condo here in LA.  Thank goodness for our next-door neighbors, Chef Chumley and his wife Mona.


This is Chef Chumley.  (Yes, he always wears that hat.) Cooking is his life.  So much so that Chef is actually his name – he had it changed legally. (I told you that cooking is his life.)  Well anyway, Chef Chumley is a celebrity TV chef, specializing in simple, easy cooking.  He knows everything about cooking….but not so much about anything else (no disrespect intended.  I love the guy).


His wife Mona complements him well.  She knows a lot about a lot.  She and Chef Chumley met while he was in college and he was in cooking school, but she doesn’t cook at all.  They’ve been married 19 years, have no kids, and have sort of adopted us.  Mona is like my surrogate mother, which is great since my mother is 3,000 miles away.

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