Procrastination Weekly Challenge #2: Break It Down


You know those times when you are faced with those big boulders that are in your way. You just don’t know what to do and there are so many ways of coping with the situation. Sometimes you get into panic mode where you act like a headless chicken, you kind of lose it. Other times you just avoid the situation because you think that if you pretend that the boulder is not there it won’t bother you (until you actually have to make it to the other side). Well, when this situation arises one of the best approaches I find is to break it down to small steps. Many times this enormous boulder can be broken down into small pebbles.  Then you just have to remove each of the little, manageable pebbles until you can walk past.


Most tasks that are on your agenda have a base, somewhere to start. Really, think about the whole process in terms of the small steps you need to take and accomplish.  Take each step  before getting on with the next step of the process. So, just get up and start doing whatever it is you are pushing off. Divide the task into different parts and get going. Once you get started on the first step the snowball effect will take over.


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