Procrastination Weekly Challenge #3: Eliminate Distractions


I always wish I were the person who can be tidy and neat. But alas, I was blessed with a laid back personality who does not get too bothered by clothes that are sprawled on the floor. So today, as on most days, my goal is getting my room clean. This venture is not an easy task. However, give me some music and a couple of hours and I am good to go.

Lately though I’ve been realizing that it really shouldn’t take hours to get this room sparkling (let’s be real, I mean, at least not as messy).  I often find myself checking my computer seeing what happened on Facebook, or if I received any emails in the past ten seconds. Or sometimes I’ll get a call where I must put everything down to give it the full attention I (mistakenly) feel it deserves. So today I decided, all those distractions that keep me from my oh so neat room will be put aside, turned off, not in use for at least an hour. And guess what? It took me approximately half the time to get it clean!!! This week I am applying this approach to anything I deem worthy of getting done. Any big or small goal I have this week will officially be getting my full attention. Distractions,  I will see you later, possibly next week, but for this week at least, my tasks, my goals:  I’m all yours!



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