Procrastination Weekly Challenge #5: Plan Your Day In Advance


DISCLAIMER: I eventually do get done what needs to get done… most of the time..

However, I generally remember these tasks as I go through my daily routines. I try to store my “to-do list” in the back of my mind, pray that I will remember it, and will try to do it at a  time I deem more appropriate to carry out the task.  Is this the most efficient way to accomplish what needs to be done? Absolutely NOT!

Now imagine I spent this week writing out a schedule for everything that I plan on doing the night before each day. How much time will I save!!! So this week, let’s write up a detailed schedule for everything you need to accomplish. Set reminders to your phone, write sticky notes, do whatever you need to do to help remind you along the way. This week we are going to be efficient with time. Lets not waste a very valuable gift to us; TIME.



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