Savings Tips – First Post!

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Tip Days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our first month of tips will be devoted to Savings.


Each week I will list and explain different tips that I’ve found for easy ways to save. I’ll even illustrate a few. Here are a few easy ways to save around the house:

TIP #1 – CHILL: 
Adjust the temperature on your home thermostat. Try to get a few degrees cooler in the winter and a few degrees warmer in the summer.  Example: Lower your thermostat in the winter and wear a sweater.

TIP #2 – LIGHT ‘M UP: 
Install CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs), energy saving light bulbs whenever and wherever you can. Don’t use higher wattage bulbs than necessary.

  Turn off all lights when you are not at home, or in the rooms you are not using. Pull out all electrical cords from electrical sockets for appliances that are not in use.


Stay ‘tooned… In honor of the launch of the site I’m posting a few bonus tips and cartoons later today!  Check back soon!

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