The Weekend Round-up


I can’t believe it!  We’ve finished Week 1 of our website/blog.  We’ve shared some tips.  We’ve shared some recipes. We’ve shared some comics. All of them may seem so simple to you, but not to the simple-minded like me.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t say simple-minded.  Maybe I should say young.  Or naïve.  Or lazy.  If you fit into any or all of these categories, as I do, we can work together on using these tips, on cooking these recipes, on smiling at the comics, and on sharing our thoughts with each other.  We can push each other to greater heights.

As far as our first Weekly Challenge.  Did you try it?  Did you make sure that you shut the light every time you left a room?  I know I did, and I probably did it regularly for the first time in my life.  It seems like such a small thing, such a simple tip, but that’s the point. If we assert ourselves and make a conscious effort to regularly do something small and easy that will help us save money, we become conditioned to continue doing so.  We will gradually increase the number of savings tips that we incorporate into our ever day lives.  Eventually, it will become second nature to find ways to save, big and small.  But we start with small, for now.  For we are young, naïve and lazy.  Well at least that’s me.

In case you missed it, here are our top posts of the week:

First Post!
Read about why the blog was started.

See you tomorrow with Week #2, as we continue our month of Savings.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~Sherri <3

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