TIPS – Challenge: Accepted

Tip Days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. This month of tips will be devoted to Procrastination.


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Here are tips on OVERCOMING OBSTACLES to accomplish your goal.

TIP #13 – KNOW IT CAN BE HARD: Understand in advance that that your task or project is probably a difficult one to complete.  That is undoubtedly the reason for your procrastination.  If it were easy you probably would not have put it off.  You should realize and be mentally prepared that despite your best efforts, and sometimes because of reasons beyond your control, you may not see your project through to its completion.  It is not a personal insult or degradation to not complete a particularly difficult task. The insult is not making the attempt.

TIP #14 – IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT: Understand that the project, or the smaller segments along the way, does not have to be completed perfectly.  Sometimes good is good enough.  Failure to achieve perfection or preconceived notions of perfection may stop you from attempting to complete the project.  Maybe the house won’t be perfectly cleared of clutter, but it will undoubtedly be a lot better off than it was at the beginning.


Tip #15 – NERVES MEAN THAT YOU CARE: Embrace the anxiety that you may have in approaching a tough task.  If  you didn’t feel nervous, the task probably wasn’t that tough to begin with.  Anxiety, nervousness, and even fear are indications that the project is important to you. These feelings will heighten your senses, keen your awareness, and generally get your juices flowing when attacking your goals.


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Wednesdays and Fridays are recipe days! I’ll be posting recipes given to me by my next door neighbor, Chef Chumley. You can read more about him by clicking here. Come back tomorrow for another recipe!

~ Sherri <3


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