Weekend Round-Up: Exercise, Week #1


How was your week?  These summer weeks sure seem to fly by!

This week was one of my favorite challenges, Stair Down (& Up). I love this challenge, and usually try to integrate this into my life as often as possible.  In addition to being a great way to get extra exercise, sometimes taking the stairs is faster than taking a slow escalator ride behind people who don’t move. One of our Facebook fans even offered a helpful tip, to park at the far end of a parking lot to get an extra bit of walk in while running errands. Feel free to come up with your own ways to add a little more easy exercise into your daily routine!

In case you missed it, here were some of our top posts of the past week. (You can either click on them, or scroll down and review all of our past posts.)

Weekly Challenge: Stair Down (And Up)!

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Recipe: A Favorite from Around the Web: Quinoa & Black Beans

See you tomorrow with a brand-new Weekly Challenge for the month of Exercise!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~Sherri <3

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