Weekend Round-UP: Procrastination, Week #1


We’ve now embarked on our second month. Boy, time flies! And that’s exactly why this month’s tips are so important. This month we are battling the evil of Procrastination. Yes, time flies, and time is the arch enemy of procrastinators like myself.

We have goals to achieve, but too often we push off our attempts to achieve these goals thinking that we always have more time. But we don’t.

Our first Weekly Challenge of the month was to write down our goals. You know, that really wasn’t too hard. I wrote down my goals and displayed them in a prominent place. First and foremost amongst my goals was to get in shape, and specifically my abdominals. Well let me tell you, while I succeeded in writing down my goals, I did very little to go about accomplishing them. But at least I knew what I was failing at. This coming week, the shame of failure will definitely spur me on to really start on those sagging abs. I will also definitely pay heed to this coming week’s Weekly Challenge and try to accomplish both.

Check that! I won’t try. I will accomplish both! (Well, maybe.)

I loved last week’s two recipes. That Lamb Burger (The “Lamburgini”), was so mouthwateringly tasty, and Chumley’s Chinese Chicken & Green Onions was one of the easiest recipes yet! How were the comics that were posted with the recipes?

Have you read this past week’s tips on Procrastination yet, or did you put that off as well? For all you Procrastination Procrastinators, there are more weeks ahead, so it’s never too late to catch up! (Or get started)

In case you missed it, here were some of our top posts of the past week. (You can either click on them, or scroll down and review all of our past posts.)

Recipe: Mediterranean Lamb Burger (aka The Lamburgini) (with roasted garlic mayo & caramelized onions)

Tips: Goal Setting

Tips: Getting Started On Your Goal

See you tomorrow with a brand-new Weekly Challenge for the month of Procrastination!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~Sherri <3

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