Weekend Round-Up: Procrastination, Week #3


It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with just a few small changes. This week was all about Eliminating Distractions. Not only was it the Weekly Challenge, but it was also the theme of one of the Tip Days as well. Since I spend a lot of time working on my computer, I never realized how frequently I stray from my work to check my e-mail or Facebook account. What I ended up doing is signing out of all social media accounts during the work period, so any time I would visit Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or any other of those sites, I would remember that I signed out for a reason.  It’s amazing how much that little step helped tremendously. This is definitely a challenge I will continue for a long time.

In case you missed it, here were some of our top posts of the past week. (You can either click on them, or scroll down and review all of our past posts.)

Procrastination Weekly Challenge #3: Eliminate Distractions

Tips: Challenge – Accepted

Recipe: Simply Scrumptious Salmon Tartare

See you tomorrow with a brand-new Weekly Challenge for the month of Procrastination!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~Sherri <3

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