Weekend Round-Up, Procrastination Week #4


I feel like, after 4 full weeks of thinking about, acting, and doing things to help combat Procrastination, I finally had a breakthrough. I notice that I am a bit more efficient with my time. I have been less focused on social media, and am starting to take control of my bad procrastination habits.  It’s funny, because at the time that I do each challenge or tip, I feel like it’s quite overwhelming and difficult. However, something must have stuck, because this was my most productive week in a long time. I caught up with my deadlines, and even managed to get ahead of them a bit. I especially enjoyed this week’s tips to Use Your Time Wisely, because it’s certainly something that I needed to improve on.

As for this week’s Challenge, Change It Up, I decided to focus on my correspondence. I am a phone person by nature. I love speaking to people, and I love the immediacy of phone interactions. If I want to make plans with a friend, I like to call my friend up on the phone to get an answer. However, some phone calls take much longer than they should. For example, waiting on the phone to deal with an insurance issue. Or sometimes phone conversations catching up with friends cut too much into work time, and I end up wasting valuable moments that could be spent getting work accomplished.

So, this week I decided to send out more e-mails or texts instead of phone calls. It especially helped when it came to dealing with corporate organizations. For example, I received a notification in the mail that a $15 rebate for paint purchase was denied because “Postmark date does not fall within program dates”.  Instead of calling customer service, spending time on hold, and dealing with all those problems, I looked up their customer service information online and sent them an e-mail at night, when it was quiet and easier, so I would not waste precious work hours during the day on this phone call. I let them know that I certainly sent it out on time, because I mailed it out on my Mother-In-Law’s birthday, two days before the postmark deadline, at the same post office trip I sent out her birthday card (which certainly they cannot deny a daughter-in-law – there’s no way I could be wrong with that date!). I also informed them that if they denied me the rebate, I would be more than happy to switch to a competitor! Sure enough, the next day I got an e-mail informing me that my rebate has gone through. I am glad to think that I was able to save a lot of time just sending an e-mail at night, when I first got my mail, instead of during the day, when I probably would have procrastinated making such a phone call. I will definitely try to keep this up!

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See you tomorrow with a brand-new Weekly Challenge for the month of Procrastination!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~Sherri <3

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