Weekly Challenge #1: Lights Out


The thought of transforming or improving one’s self is overwhelming. So much to do – where to begin? Where to find the time? There’s no immediate all-encompassing solution. This is where the phrase “baby steps” comes in handy. Each week I will pick one “Weekly Challenge” (or as I like to call them, “Weakly Challenges”) to be completed within the week. This way, I (and you, should you choose to accept) can improve a little at a time. Focusing on one task is infinitely better, more productive, and less overwhelming, than many. Meeting that one challenge per week successfully will give us the strength, energy and enthusiasm to try to follow up with the remaining tips of each month.  Good luck with the challenges.  I know that I’ll need it!

Week #1: Lights  Out


For the Month of Savings I was racking my brain trying to think of the endless ways to kick-start the weekly challenge. Then I saw the light (quite literally). Jesse left the bathroom light on…again. Then I had a brilliant thought!  The first ever weekly challenge will be: REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!

Are lights typically left on in your household, as they are in mine? It may then be a bright idea to spend this week focusing on TURNING IT OFF. Getting into the habit of  turning off lights when leaving a room is not always an easy task. So many times when I am in a rush, this simple act is easily disregarded.  However, it not only saves money but it saves energy too! This week’s challenge will be focused on getting everyone in the household to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Let’s all get  in the habit of turning it off!

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