Weekly Challenge #2: Un-Brand It


A new weekly challenge will be revealed on Mondays. This month’s challenges will be devoted to Savings.


Labels tend to be a focal point in our society. Lets face it, from the Prada bag, to the Ralph Lauren suits, or the American Eagle shirt, it is often the brand that seemingly makes the product.  However often the quality of a big name product is not so different from a cheaper brand or no name. This concept is especially prevalent with food. Generic brand names may not only be cheaper, but, *gasp*, may even be the exact same product!


So this week try to switch your food products from your usual expensive name brand for the store brand. The little bit you save will eventually go along way.  Bear in mind there are instances when the name brand may be on sale and therefore cheaper than the generic or store brand.  In that case, go with it!


To check out last week’s Weekly Challenge, LIGHTS OUT, click here.

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